A better borough

We're changing

We would like to make you aware of an exciting and aspirational new programme which we want you to be part of and help create. It will shape the future of our council and more importantly, the communities we serve for the benefit of the people who live here, visit here and invest here. It’s called Building a Better Borough.

Five ‘building blocks’ will make up the foundations of Building a Better Borough:

The five building blocks

  • Vision: we will develop a vision which defines what Scarborough Borough Council stands for and the direction we should take as an organisation.
  • Behaviour: it is proposed to develop a set of behaviours which will set out the standards expected by all those involved with the work of the organisation.
  • Corporate Plan: a new Corporate Plan will provide the framework for delivering our core vision and aspirations. It will be clear, ambitious and deliverable.
  • Pride in Our People: the hard work and dedication of our employees enables us to provide the best possible services to the people of the borough and to respond positively to the challenges that lie ahead – we want to do more to recognise this.
  • A new relationship with residents – harnessing community energy: we need to work differently with communities and stakeholders, with all sides working collaboratively to improve our communities.

The 10 themes

As part of the corporate planning process we will be carrying out wide-ranging consultation and engagement with residents, businesses, community groups, stakeholders and key partners.

We have highlighted 10 themes we feel are important, but we would like to know if you agree with them or would prefer to see alternative or additional themes listed. We have tried to identify themes based on the services that we deliver to communities across the borough and information gathered over many years.